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Growing Season are estimates and are guides only

Adelaide Farms Produce and Products


Growing Season: Mid May to Mid June

We cut, wash and bundle our Asparagus every morning in 1 lb. bundles

Asparagus is sold in 1lb. bundles



Growing Season: Late June to Early October

Our Beets are trimmed, washed and put into cold storage

Beets are sold in bunches, 6 and 11 quart baskets, 1/2 and full bushel amounts



Growing Season: Mid May to Late June

We pick, cut and wash our rhubarb

Sold per pound



Growing Season: Year Round

Free Run Large Brown Eggs

Eggs are sold by the dozen


Straw Bales

Growing Season: Year Round

Small Square Bales

X Small Square and Round Bales



Growing Season: Year Round

Firewood is split into small chunks and bagged

Firewood is sold by the bag, 8-12 pieces per bag



Growing Season: Early May to Mid June

Sold in pots



Growing Season: Early May to Late June

Sold in cell packs



Growing Season: Mid May to Mid June (pots) Late June to Early August (cut)

Sold in pots or as cut flowers


Local Produce and Products


Growing Season: Mid July to Early October

Carrots are sold in bunches


Cooking Onions

Local Cooking Onions


3 L Basket



Greenhouse Tomatoes

Local Greenhouse Tomatoes

Sold per lb


Greenhouse Peppers

Local Greenhouse Peppers

Sold per lb


Sweet Potatoes

Growing Season: Early September to Early February

Local Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are sold by the lb.



Growing Season: Early October to Late March

Local Rutabagas

Rutabagas are sold individually



Growing Season: Year Round

Local Beef

All Beef Steaks, Roasts, Hot Dogs, Sausage, Lean Patties and more

Beef is sold by the lb.


Growing Season: Year Round

Local Honey

Honey is sold in 500ml and 1000 ml jars



Maple Syrup

Growing Season: Year Round

Local Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup is sold in 1L jugs

$18.00/ L